Child Care COVID-19 Response

Our number one priority is keeping your child(ren) safe. We have set several preventative measures in place to ensure the health and safety of your child(ren) while they enjoy programming at the Y.

Daily Screening
  • Designated screening area in the building's entry. Staff member working this station will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) of mask and gloves.
  • All health screening information will be documented on a daily staff/visitor log or a child’s personal log record.
    • Questions - Have you had a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, fever, or contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 30 days?
      • If someone has had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 they are not permitted to return until 14 days from last contact with confirmed case. 
    • Hand sanitizing required upon entry
    • Temperature taken three times to ensure no fever
      • If someone has had a fever with either a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat they are not permitted to be in the building until they are symptom-free for 72 hours.
  • All staff and youth will undergo health education 
    • Conscious of High-Risk Populations 
    • Consistent Handwashing 
    • Sick stay home 
    • Social distancing protects others 
    • ​Masks protect others 

Parents or staff not affiliated with care will NOT be permitted in programming space. 

Ratios For Child Care:
  • 1 Adult for every 10 children (1:10)


  • We will work with children on keeping distance  


  • All staff will be provided a mask
    • The mask will be worn when in close contact with a child  
    • The mask will be worn by staff during feeding time 
    • Parents are asked to mask their child  
Routine Cleaning
  • Cleaning is done several times daily throughout the building in the areas of use  
  • Cleaning logs are filled out by staff daily to ensure all areas are covered 

There are 3 different cleaning solutions that we use: 

  • Sanitizer 25: Used throughout the day to clean (Kid Friendly) 
  • Peroxide Cleaner 37: Used at the end of the day for deep cleaning (Not Kid Friendly) 
  • Shower Room Cleaner: Used at the end of the day to clean bathrooms (Not Kid Friendly) 

Laundry is done daily for cleaning towels, sleeping materials, and other items as needed

  • Anyone who enters the building is required to use hand sanitizer as they enter to be screened for the day
  • Staff and children wash hands/use hand sanitizer every two hours to maintain a healthy clean space for us to use