Welcome Back!

The Y will reopen when our region reaches phase 5 of Michigan's Reopen Plan.

We missed you! It’s been hard to be away from the people we care about but thank you for persevering and doing your part to stay safe. We’ve been carefully planning to reopen our facilities and reactivate key programs in the safest manner possible so you can access the services and support you miss and need the most. The way we’ll interact with each other will be different, but at the Y, you’ll always be able to connect with people, improve your health and wellness, nurture your children’s potential, and help strengthen our community.

Your safety is our number one priority We’re following guidance from health experts and local officials to determine the safest way to serve everyone in our community.  We’re doing everything possible to ensure our facilities meet the highest standards for hygiene and safety, and we have modified our policies and programs to facilitate safe physical distancing practices.

Phase 1 Reopening

We will continue to reintroduce programs and services after reopening allowing us to slowly return to a normal routine. These programs and services will begin once physical distancing requirements have been relaxed and we feel comfortable with our team, members, and guests’ health and safety pertaining to that program or service. Please note, the following lists are subject to change at any time. Updated 6/24/2020.

Facility Hours
M-F: 5:00 AM-7:30 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM
Sun: Closed
Pool Hours (NB only. Scroll down for BHSJ.)
M-F: 5:30 AM-7:00 PM
Sat: 8:30 AM-3:00 PM
Sun: Closed
Therapy Pool Hours (NB Only)
M-F: 6:30-8:45 AM, 5:00-7:00 PM
Sat: 8:30 AM-3:00 PM
Sun: Closed


  • Building Capacity – We will adhere to any capacity limitations mandated by our government and health officials. Regardless, 6-feet physical distancing will be expected.    
  • Building Entry - Members and staff will be required to answer a verbal questionnaire, receive a temperature check (100.4 max), and will sanitize their hands before entering the facility. 
  • Face Coverings
    • Staff are recommended to wear masks or face shields when directly interacting with others. Exceptions apply.
    • Members are recommended to wear masks when entering and walking around the facility. Masks may be removed when exercising. 
  • General Facility 
    • Shields are installed at member service desk.  
    • Six-foot floor decals and signs placed throughout building. 
  • Lobby  
    • Lobbies will be open with limited seating and physical distancing requirements.   
  • Locker Rooms & Showers 
    • All locker rooms and showers are available upon reopening. 
    • Members required to disinfect lockers before and after use, and practice physical distancing while in the locker rooms. Y Team to clean locker rooms on a regular schedule. 
    • Whenever possible, members should arrive to the facility in workout clothes/swimsuit to minimize time in the locker rooms 
  • Drinking Fountains – Drinking fountains will be closed until restrictions are lifted. 
    • Childwatch 
      • Childwatch will be open to staff children immediately upon reopening. 
      • We anticipate offering Childwatch two weeks after reopening for members and guests. 
  • Stairwells – Stairs will be one-way upon reopening to promote physical distancing.  
  • General Cleaning 
    • Staff to disinfect high touch surfaces regularly. 
    • Members are required to disinfect machines, equipment, and lockers before and after each use.   
    • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.    
Member Social Responsibility
  • Disinfect machines, equipment, & lockers before and after use. 
  • Maintain 6-foot distance both on and off machines. 
  • Wait to use neighboring machines that are less than 6 feet apart  
  • Arrive to the facility in workout clothes/swimsuit to minimize time in the locker rooms whenever possible 
YMCA Services   
  • Parties & Building Rentals – Will be offered for group sizes up to the allowed maximum capacity. Maximum capacity will be adjusted as we receive guidance from the health department. 
  • CPR Training – CPR Training will resume as normal. 
  • Lifeguard Training – A Lifeguard Certification start date is yet to be determined. 
  • Massage Therapy – Will reopen when facilities reopen.
  • Personal Training – Continue to offer in person and virtual sessions. 
Child Care 
  • Benton Harbor-St. Joseph – Offering Gla-Da-Wen-Ta and Young Adventure Care beginning Monday, June 8. Benton Harbor Summer Impact to begin later in summer. No Summer Rec. 
  • Niles-Buchanan – Offering Emergency Care and Summer My Way®. No Young Adventure Care. 
  • Camp Eberhart – Offering Day Care beginning Monday, June 29. No bus transportation to or from care. 
  • See details here.

Group Exercise   

  • We are currently offering virtual and outdoor fitness classes. Outdoor fitness classes are listed on the schedule which can be found on our website and mobile app.  
  • Indoor Fitness Classes – Fitness classes inside of the building will be held once restrictions on gathering size are lifted. 
  • Aqua Fitness Classes – Will begin two weeks after reopening, with physical distancing requirements, as chlorine and bromine inactivate the virus in water. This is dependent on instructor availability.
Cardio and Weight Room   
  • Cardio and weight room areas will be open.  
    • Members are expected to: 
      • Disinfect machines, equipment, & lockers before and after use. 
      • Maintain 6-foot distance both on and off machines. 
      • Wait to use neighboring machines that are less than 6 feet apart  
      • Arrive to the facility in workout clothes/swimsuit to minimize time in the locker rooms whenever possible 
  • Bottles with disinfectant will be placed strategically around area.
  • Staff member(s) on the wellness floor will focus on cleaning machines, dumbbells, and bars.   
Pool  (Niles-Buchanan Only. Scroll down for Benton Harbor-St. Joseph)
  • Swim Lessons  
    • Private and Semi-Private lessons to begin upon reopening.   
    • Group swim lessons to begin with start of Summer II Session (July 20) with a maximum capacity of 7 participants per class. 
  • Lap Swim – Upon reopening, pools will only be available for lap swimming with a max of 2 swimmers per lap lane. 
  • Family Swim 
    • Will begin two weeks after reopening with a 30-minute maximum if other families are waiting. 
    • Beginning Summer II Session, the time limit will be lifted as we enter phase 3 of reopening our pools. 
  • Open Swim – Will begin once physical distancing restrictions are lifted. Does this need to be updated? 
  • Sauna & Steam Room – The Benton Harbor-St. Joseph branch steam room and Niles-Buchanan branch saunas are mandated to be closed and will reopen when restrictions are lifted. (Michigan Executive Order 2020-114) 
  • NB Therapy Pool – The therapy pool will be open with limited hours and a max capacity of 8 people at one time. 
  • Swim Team – Will start practices in mid-July/August. We will follow guidelines USA swimming has put together for social distancing. 
Pool (Benton Harbor-St. Joseph)

During our closure, we drained, power washed, and acid washed the pool the Benton Harbor-St. Joseph YMCA pool. When we were refilling the pool, a pipe burst and flooded the basement of the Y damaging the pool equipment. We are currently working with contractors to replace the damaged equipment and parts have been ordered. When everything is back up and running, the pool will have a new filtration system, pumps, motors, and boilers. Estimated completion date: TBD

Programs to Begin in the Future   
  • Youth sports are anticipated to begin in fall. We will follow health regulations. 
  • Pickleball, Racquetball, and Open Gym (Basketball & Volleyball) will begin when physical distancing requirements have been relaxed.   
  • LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA and Stay Strong at the YMCA is anticipated to begin in fall or winter.