Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition plays a significant role in the wellness journey. Whether you are looking for sustainable weight loss, improved sport performance, disease management, or just overall health and well-being, personalized nutrition counseling can help you achieve your goals. Our  Registered Dietitian, Megan Longobardi, is available to help you achieve your goals with science-based nutrition education and a customized nutrition plan.

Initial Consultation 1 hour Member: $65
Non-Member: $90
Follow Up Visits 30  minutes each Member: $40
Non-Member: $65
Nuitrition Program Package 2 hours to use
within a month
Member: $100
Non-Member: $200
Grocery Store Tour 1 hour Member: $75
Non-Member: 100

Nutrition Counseling can also be used with your Wellness Punchcard. Discuss with your personal trainer if you are interested (30 minutes = 1 punch).

Health Coaching

Our certified ACE Health Coaches will provide individually designed programs to meet your unique needs by focusing on your overall wellness. They will help you become proactive by eliminating unhealthy behaviors and making wellness a priority. A health coach won’t tell you what your goals should be, instead they will help you reach them! Health Coaching can also be used with your Wellness Punch Card. Discuss with your personal trainer if you are interested (1 hour = 1 punch). Available at both branches.