Get Started

This FREE opportunity allows you to meet with a certified trainer to design a program, set goals and set a standard for working out. It will also give you a rundown of the classes and programs that the YMCA has to offer you! Get Started will help you become comfortable with our facility and fitness equipment. Available at all branches — contact Member Service to get started today!

No cost — and registration is always open!

The Get Started program is perfect for new members looking to set attainable fitness goals and get accustomed to the YMCA and its equipment.

  • Health Profile Check - Discuss workout history and your goals
  • Equipment Introduction - Learn the equipment and proper technique
  • Assess and Review - Check back in and ensure you're on track

Smart Start

For an additional fee, you can continue with a personal trainer to help you succeed! Smart Start consists of 4 discounted personal training sessions for only $40 designed to support you in pursuit of your health and wellness goals! Together, you will develop an achievable plan for success. Learn more about personal training here.