Martial arts programs at the Y teach confidence, discipline, and character.  Kids can learn the techniques needed for self-protection and gain more insights into their own strengths and capabilities.  Above all, martial arts will keep your kids active and having fun. 

Spring (7 weeks)
April 17-June 4, 2022
Registration opens March 28
Summer I (5 weeks)
June 5-July 16, 2022
Registration opens May 23
Summer II (5 weeks)
July 17-Aug. 20, 2022
Registration opens June 27

Registration is available online for those who have visited the YMCA. You may access your online account using an email the Y has on file or the phone number of the primary user on your account. Please call or stop by if you are new to the Y or need assistance. ​

Karate - Benton Harbor-St. Joseph YMCA

Taekwondo - YMCA O'Brien Center

Self Defense Seminar - BHSJ

Women's Self Defense - OB